Orizzonti Holding | Alberto Camporesi
OH Spa, holding del Gruppo ORIZZONTI operante nel territorio lucano-campano, nei settori distribuzione organizzata (GDA, Futura, Pick Up, Talento), discount alimentare (Qui Discount), produzione olii confezionati (Di Carlo).
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Alberto Camporesi

Board Member at OH Group

Born in 1943, graduated in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna.

Has had a long working experience both in Italy and abroad in many different companies: Mc Pozzi, Mira Lanza, 3M Italia, C.M.Finsider, Redland-Braas and others.

Has worked in Strategic Planning, Marketing and General Management with particular attention to financial control (themes on which he has held seminars and teaching positions both in Italy and abroad).

With the ORIZZONTI Group, as a member of the Board of Directors, he has been involved in aspects relating to strategic control and group rating on the part of the banking and financial sector and other independent agencies.

He is currently a board member without a fixed professional role but functioning as a “facilitator” for the development of human resources.