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OH Spa, holding del Gruppo ORIZZONTI operante nel territorio lucano-campano, nei settori distribuzione organizzata (GDA, Futura, Pick Up, Talento), discount alimentare (Qui Discount), produzione olii confezionati (Di Carlo).
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Centro Studi Srl, set up in 2009, has a strategic role in the ORIZZONTI Group

regarding development and innovation.

Centro Studi aims to:
  • encourage the development of technical expertise at managerial level
  • contribute to the development of innovative work systems and methodologies, through research activities implemented in the company itself
  • promote the tendency towards the use of new information, multimedia and e-commerce technology


The operations carried out up to now in the field of process development and the programs of applied research and innovations achieved, have already led to significant results, including the depositing of copyright and patents in public registers.

Centro Studi, furthermore, is open to collaboration with external entities, with the objective of becoming a reference point – for innovation, training and scientific-cultural qualification – within the area of operation of the Group.

To this end, Centro Studi intends to further develop its contacts with potential “cultural sources”, not only at a consultative level but also, and above-all, at an advanced scientific-academic level, involving those collaborators with its own Scientific Committee to provide continuity and dynamism to the initiative over time.

More specifically, Centro Studi has signed agreements for the financing of four Scholarships for PhDs in the following areas:

  • “Computer Vision” and “Data Analytics & Big Data”, both with respect to the scenarios “Retail & Wholesales Store”, with the University of Bologna
  • “Computer Vision assisted DOOH (digital Out Of Home) and Interactive Systems behavioral in a sales point”, with the University of Catania

both started in 2015 – 2016 and due to be completed by the end of 2018.


Centro Studi has its operative headquarters in Buccino (SA), Zona Industriale, lotto 7.


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