Orizzonti Holding | OUR HISTORY
OH Spa, holding del Gruppo ORIZZONTI operante nel territorio lucano-campano, nei settori distribuzione organizzata (GDA, Futura, Pick Up, Talento), discount alimentare (Qui Discount), produzione olii confezionati (Di Carlo).
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‘50s – ’80s

  • Setting up of the company under the sole proprietor Di Carlo Domenico
  • Development into a family business (the first Di Carlo generation makes its entrance)

’90s – 2000

  • Progression to a corporation: creation of a multi-business (industrial and distribution activities) and multichannel (wholesale and retail) group of companies
  • Very high annual growth rates
  • Increased management complexity

From 2001 to 2003

Important changes in the governance of the Group:

  • Non-shareholder Director appointed to the Board of Directors
  • Certification of the financial statements on a voluntary basis
  • The banks that finance the Group become financial Stakeholders
  • Separation of operations which are part of the GDA Group (currently OH) from the financial operations relating to the holding, which are part of DCH
  • MPS Venture enters into partnership with the GDA Group (currently OH)

From 2004 to 2008

  • Rationalization of the complex Group of companies identifying current areas of business: real estate, production, distribution, discount
  • Significant property investment (with a consequent increase of the financial debt)
  • Evolution of the company governance system
  • Development of the system of corporate governance
  • Cultural and organizational development (tasks and roles)

From 2009 to date

  • Drafting (on a voluntary basis) of the Report on Corporate Governance, which formalizes the governance rules and policies adopted by the Group
  • Launch of the System Change project for the optimization of the internal system controlling accounts management
  • Further stimulus for cultural and organizational upgrading (operations and processes)
  • New strategic direction for the development of the core-business: from product marketing to brand marketing
  • Strategic impetus to develop the “ability to innovate”. Complete openness, culturally, to the potential of technology