Orizzonti Holding | Costantino Di Carlo
OH Spa, holding del Gruppo ORIZZONTI operante nel territorio lucano-campano, nei settori distribuzione organizzata (GDA, Futura, Pick Up, Talento), discount alimentare (Qui Discount), produzione olii confezionati (Di Carlo).
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Costantino Di Carlo

President and Chief Executive Officer OH Group

Born in 1959, graduated in Political Science in Rome.

He is one of the founding partners of the ORIZZONTI Group, where he held the position of Executive Sales Manager (froml’82 to 2001) to subsequently become responsible for administration and financial management (from 2001 to date).

He holds the position of consultant at the Potenza Branch of the Bank of Italy.
He is a Delegate of the Italian Retail Association (Federdistribuzione) for the Basilicata Region.