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OH Spa, holding del Gruppo ORIZZONTI operante nel territorio lucano-campano, nei settori distribuzione organizzata (GDA, Futura, Pick Up, Talento), discount alimentare (Qui Discount), produzione olii confezionati (Di Carlo).
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Administration and control

The ORIZZONTI Group has formalized the governance rules and the policies adopted in a specific document on Corporate Governance.
The document is based on the format of the report on corporate governance, with the necessary adaptations, proposed by the Italian Stock Exchange with voluntary application, and is available to Shareholders and the financial Stakeholders of the Group.

In all Group companies (and in the parent DCH Srl) we adopt the model of administration and control based on a Board of Directors, Statutory Auditors and Auditor.


The Board of Directors of OH SpA holding currently consists of the following:


Costantino Di Carlo

President and Chief Executive Officer


Valerio Di Carlo

Chief Operating Officer and Co Managing Director


Alberto Camporesi

Board Member


The members of the Board of Statutory Auditors of OH Holding SpA are:

Sergio Persico

Chairman of the Board

Filiberto Bastanzio


Antonio Lisanti



The external auditors of the Group are Deloitte & Touche SpA, based in Naples.

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